Monday, September 18, 2006

Playing the Flute Video II

Playing the flute video part II.

I just tried my hands at another song :-).. more on the cards soon, as I learn to over blow properly...


A. Vijayaraghavan said...

thanks for that mapping man..
I am also planning to learn the flute (online).. was searching the net for some resources before I begin.. Stumbled upon your blog..
Could you please share some information on learning the flute?
1. which flute is suitable for beginners?
2. Any online resources for learning the flute. (I have come across quite a few sites that give the Ragas but they dont give how do we weave those swaras into songs! :( ]
please mail me at

... nice song

Anonymous said...

heard ur play.nice da.happy fluting..

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