Saturday, December 31, 2005

My last 2005 post - About the email revolution that google made

Remember those puny 2 MB mailbox that hotmail had?
Remember that 5 MB yahoo had?

hotmail now has 25 MB and its 250 MB for US users.
yahoo has 1 GB. All these web mails reinvented themselves due to the tremendous offering from gmail. Gmail was a late entrant from google in the already very competitive web mail market. There were free providers like yahoo, hotmail, fastmail and paid providers like Juno (i dont know others ;) ). The best of the paid providers gave around 100 MB and the best of hte free was around 10-15 MB. But it took the market by storm. It had a slick AJAX based interface ( i have already blogged about this here). It had 1 GB at the first instance. Google already has a name for being reliable and its redundant fault tolerant servers do just that. Yahoo found that its users need more space only after Gmail gave 1 GB and hotmail seems even stubborn!. Now gmail has around 2GB+ and its growing continuously.

Gmail is growing much better. To compare in a few lines, yahoo has everything in it, the best list of features, integrated account for all purposes (store, games etc.,) but its AJAX based slick mail interface still in beta. Hotmail? where is it? huh!. I have a hotmail account, just because i dont want it to cease existing.

Lets hope this new year brings much more new things to the digital lifes of people around the world.

Friday, December 30, 2005

Happy New Year

A happy and prosperous new year to everyone.


Saturday, December 24, 2005

How to use Yahoo, Gtalk, AIM, MSN behind proxy.

This is a very interesting post about AJAX, the stuff thats currently getting quite a lot of both web programmer and media attention.

The site is called Its slick and cool!!!.

Certainly its one of the best example of AJAX in action that very very cool (apart from GMail and Google Maps).

you can login and chat as you would do in Yahoo Messenger or with MSN. Its just a beginning, so you can see some hitches (it logs off due to network error) and lacking features (it doesnt yet support BUZZ!!! feature). It recently upgraded itself to support invisible feature. Its really really cool. All you need to have is a working browser that can support Javascript!. HuH...Way to go!

With such innovations we are sure to see full fledged applications targeted directly for the web, instead of a particular OS platform.. certainly not a good news to the M$ end. (I for one, welcome our new AJAX overlords )

Acknowledgements: Priya Natarajan showed me this site.

Guido von Rossum moves to Google

This was one of the funniest post i have read at slashdot.

<start >
The winning offer was the one that had first-line indented paragraphs.

We just love a guy that gets so wrapped up in his work!

We've got penguins, we've got pythons, and we've got a lemur with a minigun...this zoo rocks!

After hearing the report, Ballmer threw a Hissssy fit.

Someone reported a problem with a mouse at Google Central and the recruiter got to work on hiring the python guy.

With a keen eye on competition, Google is just trying to catch up to the number of reptiles employed by Microsoft.


கூகிள் கைடோ - க னா வுக்கு க னா.

ஹி ஹி........

from google import guido

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