Monday, September 18, 2006

Playing the Flute Video II

Playing the flute video part II.

I just tried my hands at another song :-).. more on the cards soon, as I learn to over blow properly...

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Playing the Flute - Video

I recorded a song that I played in my flute and uploaded to google video. You can hear it at:

I took a picture of me playing the flute and have added it as the image.
The second line of my playing didnt go well, since I was too conscious that I am recording my play and made me a bit nervous :p.

Learning to Play the Carnatic Flute Part III

Lot of help pouring in for learning the flute.

Mr. Ramachandran gave me a legend of the 12 swaras ( 7 ordinary and five half notes ) and their mappings on the flute.

I am pasting it here so that others who are searching for the mappings like me would benefit.

Please see my handwritten pdf here for the right one.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Learning to Play the Carnatic Flute Part II

Recently, I started to get myself much more organized to play the flute, but in vain. I created sheets where I drew this and filled them with black color if it has to be closed and uncolored(white) if the hole has to be open when playing the flute. Unfortunately, I dont know what holes should be closed for which swaram. I have been able to understand that for Sa , the first two holes need to be closed and everything else open. My learning has improved to play any song to a decent extent that the listeners can understand that I am trying to play that song and can play comfortably quite a few songs.

I have also learnt a few things:
1) The eight hole (the right most) is never used .
2) The first three holes are operated with your left hand fingers and your right hand fingers takes care of the remaining 4 holes.
3) If you are in Ga in which you dont close any hole and want to move to a note/swaram above it, close all the holes and over blow. This is something that I have been having trouble with/havent mastered. I get overblown notes when i try to get to the lowest note (closing all the holes), but never when I really want to play the overblown notes:p..
4) Most of my song control comes from my breath, ie., controlling the blowing, rather than by closing/opening the holes. In other words, my playing ability in terms of controlling the opening /closing of the holes need improvement, which I hope will be done as I practice more......
5) I am seriously looking for someone who can give a flute legend mapping for the swarams, like what holes should be open/closed/half closed for which swaram.

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