Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Learning to Play the Carnatic Flute Part III

Lot of help pouring in for learning the flute.

Mr. Ramachandran gave me a legend of the 12 swaras ( 7 ordinary and five half notes ) and their mappings on the flute.

I am pasting it here so that others who are searching for the mappings like me would benefit.

Please see my handwritten pdf here for the right one.


Anonymous said...

Hey, a big thanks to you for posting this!

Anonymous said...

I had one book from the market by "Ravi Kiran". Theres some difference in the mappings given by you and that given in the book. From Ma onwards, there are differences

could you please clarify

Anonymous said...

hi the chart is really good...but when u r playing sa...from left side u close only 2 fingers adn right side....all open??....when v place fingers.... i guess we dont use at all the small finger of right hand, right?

anand. K.S. said...

Hi Varun, Saw the flute legend. assuming 4 holes covered by left, and 4 by right, ma1, ma2 etc covers only 3 of left hand and 3 of right hand,. Is that right? Meaning the right sometimes has to move over the 4 hole intended for left hand finger? I will try anyway. But my doubt can be cleared I hope. I bought a flute only yesterday.

oasisram said...

Flute legend given by you is very useful to me.
I was wrongly practising M2 so far.
Thank u very much.

Anonymous said...

i was having lot of confusion regarding r1,r2,r3 ,m1,m2,n1,n2,n3 swaras.The chart is really confusions cleared.Thanks a lotvarun

Madhavananda said...

Very helpful. Thank you! Also, do you have notations for learning to play devotional stotras on carnatic flute. If you do, pls share!! said...

Nandri Varun

ram dheer said...

I am practicing carnatic flute but i have no teacher.I have learned the sarali swaras. I would want to learn the janta swaras next. Can you please show me the fingering for the same? is my id. An audio note is very useful if u can. Very passionate to learn carnatic flute. Any help is appreciated. Thank you

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