Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Go Green!!!

A month back at the NGEF - Old Madras Road junction, I had a really memorable incident. The cab I was sitting was waiting to join the Old Madras Road. As usual there were quite a few 2 wheelers, cabs, buses all lined to join the Old Madras Road, as if there weren't enough vehicles already on it.

The traffic cop did something remarkable. There were quite a few cycles waiting on the left of the junction to join Old Madras Road(OMR) towards the city. The cop stopped vehicles both sides of OMR, gave a safe pass for all the cycles. A few of the two wheelers also tried to join the party, but were denied entry. Once the cycles were on OMR, the cop let traffic on both sides of Old Madras Road. After a few minutes he allowed vehicles from NGEF side to join OMR. I was really astonished. Its possibly the few times when I have seen cycles given preferential treatment. I was really happy that day.

I remembered my days at Cisco, when I used to cycle to work. It was always a big fight for a cycle near the trinity circle to justify its presence. There were vehicles all around who would keep honking even though there is no space on the left, because the cycle obviously was slow. Also, the amount of pollution and dust at these junctions put off cycle riders.

I know that the incident I saw was really sporadic and the probability of seeing a similar incident holds same probability of me winning the Lottery and distributing the amount to all readers of my blog :D. But, I sincerely believe that this is probably the way to go for a greener Bangalore and my best appreciations goes to the cop :-).

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