Friday, November 21, 2008

gtalk2voip spams

When I was happy that the heysan trouble was over, here comes gtalk2voip. I guess I registered for this sometime back and now they send an IM saying that they have updated things.

Off-line message from: date: 20.11.2008 14:06:06

New feature on GTalk2VoIP:
Using Gmail voice chat to make or receive phone calls:

When will companies stop using IM to spam. IMs are tooooo intrusive.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Heysan the IM Virus/annoyance/nagchatware

If you are receiving a message that someone has tagged you in, and gives you a link, please dont click it. It seems to be a virus/whatever. The bot pinged me through so many people in the last few days, while they dint know that the bot was doing all these.

What kind of messages do you receive: tagged you in a photo on stole your cookies. To recover click on uploaded a new photo on commented on a photo on

None I know of, please ignore the message and keep moving. DONT CLICK IT.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Making libsvm work in Mac OS X - Matlab R 2008

It was painful to get libsvm on matlab working in Mac OS X. First was a false error.

Matlab threw some weird error like this:
expr: syntax error
/p/matlab/bin/util/mex/ line 13: [: too many arguments

and make did not work. SO I guessed that this was the error (which actually was not). On searching the net, I figured out that we should ignore this error and keep going.

The second was the issue with libsvm. The file make.m was referring .obj files while the makefile was generating .o files. So all .obj was to be search and replaced with .o. Things started working after that.

Hope this helps others who are struggling with libsvm and matlab in OS X.

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