Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Google Print dissected

I was thinking what the problem is with google print, when its a nice idea to digitize books. read about author's guild sueing google print here

On fiddling with google print, i found out a method which people can use to read the entire book, provided they have the patience to do so.

This is my first few pages. I reached page 4, i am unable to move further. What to do now?

There seems to be some solution ....
scroll down

here i look for something important in the text, here it is the next topic heading (2 Our Clustering Method)

What to do next? OK, search for that word (i searched for Clustering methods) and clicked page 4. Now i have access to Pages 4 - 5 -6.

Now once again i reach page where i cant move forward. Answer: Use the same logic. There are instances when it asks u to login thru ur google account. No big deal. Use one of your gmail accounts, or get one from your friends who have gmail account and create a few. (most ppl have 100 invites in their accounts).

  1. please dont use this method to read. The author of the book might have worked for years writing the book, its a bad idea to read it for free, when the author deserves monetary credit.
  2. by gmail's rules, you are not supposed to create more than one account. having more than one account will be against the terms & conditions that u agree, when u register for gmail service.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

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