Saturday, December 24, 2005

How to use Yahoo, Gtalk, AIM, MSN behind proxy.

This is a very interesting post about AJAX, the stuff thats currently getting quite a lot of both web programmer and media attention.

The site is called Its slick and cool!!!.

Certainly its one of the best example of AJAX in action that very very cool (apart from GMail and Google Maps).

you can login and chat as you would do in Yahoo Messenger or with MSN. Its just a beginning, so you can see some hitches (it logs off due to network error) and lacking features (it doesnt yet support BUZZ!!! feature). It recently upgraded itself to support invisible feature. Its really really cool. All you need to have is a working browser that can support Javascript!. HuH...Way to go!

With such innovations we are sure to see full fledged applications targeted directly for the web, instead of a particular OS platform.. certainly not a good news to the M$ end. (I for one, welcome our new AJAX overlords )

Acknowledgements: Priya Natarajan showed me this site.

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Jughead said...

good post da... keep it up!
also thanks to priya...

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