Saturday, December 24, 2005

Guido von Rossum moves to Google

This was one of the funniest post i have read at slashdot.

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The winning offer was the one that had first-line indented paragraphs.

We just love a guy that gets so wrapped up in his work!

We've got penguins, we've got pythons, and we've got a lemur with a minigun...this zoo rocks!

After hearing the report, Ballmer threw a Hissssy fit.

Someone reported a problem with a mouse at Google Central and the recruiter got to work on hiring the python guy.

With a keen eye on competition, Google is just trying to catch up to the number of reptiles employed by Microsoft.


கூகிள் கைடோ - க னா வுக்கு க னா.

ஹி ஹி........

from google import guido

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Santhosh S.R said...

O'Reilly was the first to catch the python on it's book cover!

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