Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Star Gazing

Star gazing
I recently stumbled on this site:
In this site, when u register, shows you the satellites that are visible at night in your place of living. have u seen some star (like object) moving in sky when u were in ur house terrace?. now its a chance to glance the sky for moving objects systematically. When u register in this site, and provide ur location, it will show the night sky map with the stars marked, and the time the satellites will cross the sky and the position, u can now wait for say 9 PM and see the satellite and come back to ur room. not only that, i was able to get the exact lat and long for chrompet. Chances are good that you can get for your place too.


Good Shepherd said...

Thanks for that great link about satelittes.

Varun Soundararajan said...

thanks for your comments

nVidia said...

this is really cool .. thanks for sharing :) ..

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