Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The effect of LSI

It was widely rumoured that LSI- Latent Semantic Indexing was strongly integrated into google. see here for some blog saying the same.
Now, i got some tangible proof with my own name as experiment. Sometime back, i got my slashdot profile as the first result in my search. I did not take snapshot. When i searched later, things were back to normal, with my page back in first spot. so i thought that its my dream (to find my homepage knocked off from the first place).

Today, i saw, my blogger profile gain first place, knocking off my tripod site, which is (supposed to be) my established homepage (although its truly outdated), and yes!, there are no backlinks associated with my blogger profile (but there are as far as my tripod site is concerned).

PS: chances are good that in the future, this page might come somewhere in the 100-200th pages when you search for Latent Semantic Indexing :-) (and may be on top 10 if you search for "latent semantic indexing backlinks blogger profile homepage" or something like this)
dependant heavily on googlebot indexing me :-S

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