Saturday, June 25, 2005

Remote in action

My remote, i am pressing a key, you can see the IR rays! You can use this method to check if your remote is working, or rather if the batteries in your remote has not dried up. (i saw this idea in some forum, tried it out and you are reading it now. This is possible because, webcams also capture IR rays apart from visible spectrum).Posted by Hello

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Vasudha said...

wowww...awesome... Now u have kindled my desire to experiment with infrared photography... I am going to try something with my canon P&S.. and also gonna see this effect using my webcam..

The other attributes of infrared photographs include very dark skies and penetration of atmospheric haze, caused by reduced Rayleigh scattering and Mie scattering, respectively, compared to visible light. The dark skies, in turn, result in less infrared light in shadows and dark reflections of those skies from water, and clouds will stand out strongly. These wavelengths also penetrate a few millimeters into skin and give a milky look to portraits, although eyes often look black.

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