Thursday, June 02, 2005

Linspire- Uninspire

Linspire - Un Inspire

Yesterday, i got chance to test the Linspire boot CD, got from Digit DVD ISO. I thought it would be a good one and decided to keep a personal copy. So i wrote in CD-R. To my surprise, it was too bad, i really dint like it!!, 1 hour of my precious time before computer wasted ( u know these days my time before computer has become precious? Ppl who know about me know it!!) . My mandrake /fc3 and ubuntu hoary boot CD are far better, i really dint find anything that sticks to the word that "its the next windows". Really speaking i felt there was nothing in it. It was another theme for KDE. eh!. Anyway, that was my taste, but i really liked the theme of linspire. anyway, i usually dont like i586 OS for my system, since they dont support Cool and Quiet and keep my computer temperature high and run at higher clock cycles (My system has Cool and Quiet technology, by which the clock cycle speed is increased on demand, saving power and keeping the system cool and quiet) :-(

Linspire really needs a lot of improvement if it wants to say that it is replacement for both windows and (other) linux OSes. The only thing they had was Real Player and Flash Player pre-installed!. (you can install them both without hassles from their respective sites ! for x8-64 u have problems installing flash-no 64 bit flash support yet!). I could better get away with helix player and use mplayer or xine whatever for linux and good old windows media player for my parents who listen some bhakti songs. Personally, i wish some better distro come up because i can introduce linux easily for my parents, and then they can learn something new (and) in an interesting way. Lets see which distro maker is lucky;-) (this is the other way of saying, i wish some distro maker does this). You can give some reasons saying it was just a demo live CD, yes! it was a demo CD, so what opinion i have may change if i buy ;-) a copy of Linspire.

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