Thursday, May 05, 2005

The Poor Quality of Indian Media

The Poor Quality of Indian Media
Reading about Cartosat-1 i found that the Indian media had under written about the issue. It seems most of them except (India Times) seems to have little idea of the state of the art satellite. It can map to 2.5 mts. With that quality, you can successfully find the roof of your house and also the bin in your street. I guess slashdot had a far better and a relatively accurate information about Cartosat. I am probably more unhappy because Hindu that i read very often gave one of the worst coverage here :-(. God save india, when will the quality of indian papers raise? eh!. Most papers that i read provide sensational news and no to the fact stuffs.
Paying 3 odd Rupees and getting an underquality news is really bad. Slashdot obviously covers with the US taste. You can often see people there howling that why should india pursue space research when half a billion population is in poverty etc etc. Typical Big Brother stuff. Let me quote some of them.
Why is India doing this? It is a developing nation with crushing poverty, corruption, debt, and the caste system. They can't afford the luxury on spending resources on high-tech stuff like this. They should spend on education, public health, agriculture, and social programs.
Thats slashdot for you, typical "India Bashing" and there are some better ones too like this:
India has a population of 1,065,070,607 [] whereas the US has a poulation of 293,027,571 []

52% of 1,065,070,607 is 553,836,715 and 97% of 293,027,571 is 284,236,743. That means India already has 269,599,972 more literate people than the US

Hmm, now what do you say?
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Santhosh Samarthyam R said...

Yes, I too found that the media has under written abt cartosat..b'cos u can't expect a journalist to learn abt satellite technology on one fine day and learn another tech the next day..

Vasudha said...

Talking about bashing India..

You want to know about true bashing of India. You must watch BBC..

Maybe they want their future generation to believe the "white man's burden" maxim :)

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