Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Gyach Story

Today i tried GYACH, the Linux Yahoo Messenger clone, with imenvironment support and audoi chat. However it crashes as it pleases, (seg faults) donno why.
The best joke was this
(chatting with Sridhar-CEG-now trilogy)
me: I recommend you to use Gyach for Y!. Really its cool
The second i sent this, gyach crashed. I think gyach was too modest to be called a Y! replacement, so it decided to auto-crash (like auto-pilot)
<--snip-- > seg fault
Sridhar: hmmm
me:You know, the moment i recommended you, gyach actually crashed. eh!
me :-))
Sridhar: :-))
Sridhar: Blog this
(the exact text was replaced(with no change in meaning) to keep the conversation juicy)


Santhosh S R said...

I too have experienced both the poor & power quality of open source software.

Santhosh S R said...

taking the terms 'poor' and 'power' literally...

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