Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Heysan the IM Virus/annoyance/nagchatware

If you are receiving a message that someone has tagged you in, and gives you a link, please dont click it. It seems to be a virus/whatever. The bot pinged me through so many people in the last few days, while they dint know that the bot was doing all these.

What kind of messages do you receive: tagged you in a photo on stole your cookies. To recover click on uploaded a new photo on commented on a photo on

None I know of, please ignore the message and keep moving. DONT CLICK IT.


kavity said...

What do I do if I have already clicked it?

Varun S said...

There are a few quick things you can do. Change your password. Check your contacts list, some have posted that it deletes a few contacts? (although they are unsure too).

In any case, NEVER give your username and password to any third party, especially if its not some site you know of.

kavity said...

Yeah I did change my password. My contact list though looks intact. Thanks!

dragunov said...

wat if u click d link but don't sign in?
i changed my gtalk sts msg a week ago - "do not log into heysan"
n although i changed it within a few minutes my buddies say its still d same

Varun S said...

I am not sure if this (same status msg unchanged) has something to do with heysan (I have seen this issue sometimes even normally on gtalk). One thing I would do is signout all gmail sessions (at the bottom of gmail page u can do that) and then relogin. If that doesnt work, I dont have a solution.

Kevin_Evans said...
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