Wednesday, February 06, 2008

My Maldives Trip

The trip was between 3rd and 6th Feb 2008.


Varadharajan said...


wow, great capture of stingrays. Made me read more about them in wiki. Seems like they are quite small and the few you caught on photo are rather exceptional.

so had good fun? was it an official vacation? ;)

The slideshow feature in seems is a promising feature.. However, it got struck after 10 slides. (probably due to my linux adobe flash drivers in my sys.) I was able to click and visit the fotos in picasaweb. :-)

Varun S said...

actually near the island, fishing is not permitted. I think, the sting rays might be having easy good, and hence the size :p.

When I dropped bread on the water, I saw around 50 fishes vying for the piece of bread :).

that should tell you how fish rich the water was...

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