Thursday, November 02, 2006

My first flute class

Finally I joined the flute class. The first class was great. I told my flute teacher that I learnt something on my own.. tried playing Titanic Theme Music. He heard it and said it was wrong, showed me how to play it properly and said that the period that I learnt on my own was helpful in the context that, I now have good breath control (and nothing beyond that)... Well, in the right sense, it was true, since, I never had professional touch, and the way I played was RAW.

He pointed out some places where I had issues:
  • I wasn't holding the flute properly, my left hand thumb was way too close to the blow hole, which shdnt be. He said that I should be able to hold the flute with left thumb and the index finger.
  • My left hand little finger was always below the flute, which shouldn't be.
  • I was never using my right hand little finger.
I am now learning to play "Maya Mala Gawla" Raaga. I m learning to play each swara in one full long blow. It seems that this is the first lesson. I had problems in over blowing notes, which I m practicing...

After that the next practice was to play two successive notes in a single blow. Then it is to play four successive notes in a single blow. The whole idea of this seems to get familiarized with the swaras and ability to switch between swaras seamlessly, which gives great playing speed..

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Anonymous said...

i know its quite an old post. But i also live in Bangalore and wanna learn flute. Can you pls let me know where your flute class is

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