Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The mess(age) of the day

today i tried installing mandrake linux 10.1. (x86-64)
I downloaded from a mirror and installed, it happily installed properly, but unfortunately when i restarted, things went wrong. it says init not available although i actually passed the init in the grub.
BTW, i actually upgraded from 10.0 official i586 to 10.1 community x86-64. I came to know this only when i started installing :-(. got to do something abt it. I am currently unhappy with FC3 and cant spare a lot of space( i have close to 4 GB space for installation in mandrake partition so thought of installing the new one over the old), but FC3 has a good amt of space for day 2 day works. It doesnt have mp3 and i plugged it up myself (got realplayer & xmms plugin). That made me hate fc3, coz had a tuf time first setting up yum (that too gave me problem) and first had problem installing a simple c program (coz gcc4 was also installed and had incomplete libraries and failed to compile x86-64 program, gave pages of errors etc etc ). I shd say FC3 is fedora crap 3

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